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A sexual position originating in the Italian Riviera, whereby the female is on all fours, and the male enters her from behind. Instead of using the traditional left palm on female's left buttcheek/right palm on female's right buttcheek; the male crosses his arms and inverts his hand position, so that his right palm is on her left buttcheek and his left palm is on her right buttcheek. The difficulty of performing this move properly is directly correlated to the girth of the female's buttocks. It is recommended that those not familiar with this move, should not attempt to perform the european cross grip on a buttocks that exceeds 18 inches in diameter until they are comfortable with their own individual capabilities. This position was popularized in the United States by the independent film The Flats ( This move is sometimes used in conjuntion with the the dirty sanchez and the shocker.
When entering Amanda from behind, Steven prefers to use the european cross-grip.
by J. Newman & D. Bias August 31, 2005
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