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those who wish to be part of the west european culture. actions that identify said groups will be a sudden interest in watching unheard of european films in its native language without having the capacity to understand said language. you will see them in foregin cafes almost constantly and will start shopping for expensive european brands and will constantly dress in such a manner at the most inconvienient social situations such as shopping at costco or walmart. These people will pick up a popular west european (never eastern) language, usually french, spanish or italian and usually drop out three classes in. If they survived their european wannabe phase, they might try to infect others of their curse and might take offense if you tried to critique them. Their natural retribution to such criticisms is usually the same,"You are Ignorant and uncultured". Groups known to be infected by this disease are usually bored middle age to early adult hood women.
Person A: I like croissants and I want to go backpacking in europe someday.

Person B: Really, I fail to see the connection. That can only mean you are a "european wannabe".
by realist19911 June 14, 2012
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