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noun, pl- cies
a system of governance of, for and by women, notably of the objectionable type who thrive on such a system, common to the offices of insurance companies, law offices, healthcare providers and (insert violent, uncontrollable wretching) the bureau of motor vehicles. intolerant to creative solutions, marked by a rigid inflexibilty, antithetical to growth or change, these systems are entrenched by way of a dogmatic adherence to the principle of inertia. like a bad marriage, an estrogenocracy thrives on discord, negativity, vindictiveness and a collective will to affect every aspect of the ostensible mission with the literal and figurative spray of urine. once in effect an estrogenocracy is nigh impossible to dislodge and certain to remain an impediment to a cheerful, productive and pleasant workplace.
oy gevalt, i must renew my driver's license. better is should stick a fork in my eye than venture into that reeking estrogenocracy of the bmv.
by lexicali slim September 25, 2009
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