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Espnglish...which can also be termed espnish or "speaking sports" (e'sp'nch) is the act of converting your everyday life into sport analogys.
To speak espnglish, say for example you and your boy Doug are going to the club and get at some girls:

"Come on's the playoffs tonight. We gotta run the triangle for a couple hours, get in some isolation situations, and then around 2:30 we gotta step up in the clutch and run that stockton to malone pick & roll."

or say you're chillen with some girl watchin a movie and one of your boys calls to get you to hit up a party:

"I dont know man. Coach got us watching film and after that im probably gonna do a layup drill. But if practice ends early, i'll hit you up and I might actually travel with the team on that westcoast roadtrip."
by thatnmarcusgraham March 20, 2009
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