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A dank meme explosion.

Sounds heard include:
- MLG horns
- Windows XP startup sounds
- Large amounts of 'Oh-ing'
Many 'Dank' things spawn from these 'esplosions', including but not limited to:
- Shrek Memes
- Spongebob Memes
- Arthur Memes
- Triggered Memes
- Memes from 'Da hood'
- Drug references
- Immense cursing
- Cringy 80's and 90's infomercials
Other 'Dank' items may be seen during this phenomena.

If you are easily butthurt, these 'esplosions' should be avoided at all costs. The creators have no obligation to stop making content because of butthurt people. Headphones should not be worn during these 'esplosions', if they are, there is a high risk of eardrum bleeding and permanent deafness.
Guy #1: What are you deaf or something?
Guy #2: Wha?
Guy #3: He was wearing headphones during an esplosion.
Guy #1: Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry, I had no idea.
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by SirCrabTheThird May 13, 2017
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