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one who is emo and/or listens to emo music, and frequently participates in various outdoor winter sports, such as snowboarding.
My friend spends all his time skiing and listening to Dashboard Confessional. He's such an eskemo.
by LDM October 12, 2005
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Confined mainly to the booze-soaked Antipodean climes of Australia and New Zealand, an "Eskemo" is a portable alcohol storage container that has been customised by Emo kids with skulls, power puff girls and other incongruous cultural references to create a bizarre trinket that expresses their extraordinary individuality.
"Hey Luke, has all the ice melted in your Eskemo because I need some to clean this wound."
by Willy Tanner April 14, 2008
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A person that dresses, looks, and acts like an emo person but, however does not cut. They are obviously not scene due to their excessive black clothing and eyeliner or guyliner
"I'm not emo! I'm an eskemo!"
"I don't cut. I'm an eskemo.... I just like guyliner"
by Thatscenechic July 16, 2012
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