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She's the one you need. An esidora is a girl where they will ALWAYS CARE for you, no matter the situation. She'll sacrifice a piece of her own perfect heart to mend your broken one. She IS HELLA gorgeous, inside and out. Yet sometimes inside, she's broken. She gives people too many chances that she ends up getting hurt. She's been through so much, and has scars that show each and every hurtful experience. But not to worry, If you like her, go for it! An esidora is a person who will of course consider your feelings if you are a reliable person. not to mention, she's A REALLY REALLY SMART GIRL. She is the total package. She's better than anyone you could think of! Yet, if you mess with her, you're dead. She's also SUCH A trustworthy friend. But if you are the most closest person towards her, I congratulate you. And esidora will give you beautiful surprises like random birthday presents from when you had wanted like three years ago (which is weird, since if she remembers everything, she tends to forget about work.) overall, an esidora is unique, pretty, REALLLY SMART, trustworthy, and the whole package of you get to know her. She may come off so strong, but inside, all she really wants, is to just be cared for the same way as how much she cares for you.
Damn, you are such like an esidora!

I swear I would love to marry an esidora one day.

Sometimes I think if anyone is better than an esidora.
by Sargent Ron March 22, 2017
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