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1. African for pooblie
2. a durg that was founded by mike hands, mark ricci, and me. it is grown next to st.max. u take it off the tree (or bush thing) and inhale it into ur mouth. the bigger the bud thing is the stronger the taste is. there are 2 types of eshboo, light and heavy. eshboo tastes like a mixture of pepermint and rosemary. if u want alot of taste take a few eshboo buds and roll them in ur hand untill it is in a cylinder shape. then get a peace of paper and roll it around the eshboo. lick the last few centimeters so it will stick to the other side. then inhale and enjoy.
the sideaffects of useing this:
1. it will make u laugh
slang for eshboo:
1. plant
2. bud
i am hooked on eshboo!!
by ciff April 29, 2004
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