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Errsof or "err" is an underground airsoft movement using unconventional weapons and playing feilds, centered around rural Glenmoore PA. Legend has it that kids in glenmoore were so bored they decided to take up airsoft. it began with "frank" the first of four key developers of err. he brought the first pistol to glenmoore and initiated kids to do the same and have games. the second key developer is "weston" who brought err from the stone age to the modern day - initiating the use of automatic rifles and camoflauge. the third key player is "chase" who, when err began to decline in glenmoore, revived it permanantly by reforming it into a tight, dedicated brotherhood spanning across several neighborhoods in the area. the final key player was the one who brought it from airsoft to "err" who goes by "chez". he initiated the use of fireworks, artillary, and knives and bayonets to the game, adding new appeal to outsiders. Glenmoore is now the home of this new form of airsoft and is gaining popularity.
"yo lets play some errsof this weekend"
"hey i got some new err recruits"
by unknown sav January 17, 2008
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