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If a room smells funny and has been mysteriously been repainted (any colour from 'mission brown'to 'avocado green' {what have you been eating?}) this is probably because someone was using "epsom summersaults".
This is an play on words of:
Epsom salts - A diarrhoeic agent.
Summersault - putting your head between your legs and rolling forwards.
It is used to describe a mess left behind in a bathroom, where someone has missed the bowl, left a skid mark or generally left feacal matter all over the carpet, walls, roof, furniture, dog or anything not covered in cling film.

Leaves the same mess as a Di-hurl, although not in unison
1: I've just been to the dunny, I think someone has been doing "Epsom summersaults".
2: Well, it was one hell of a party.
1: It looks like the shit hit the fan... Literally

Laugh Out Loud (provided you don't have to clean it up.)
by 10secondspecial February 07, 2007
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