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a combination of ehh, yep/yup, and pff.
a sign of indifference/sarcasm.
used best when replying to a question or statement that you don't really care about.
for use while typing (text, or online)
Friend: how was swim practice?
You: epf.

Friend: that was some good mexican food, wasn't it?
You: epf.
by Tyler McNizzle December 30, 2008
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Epf is a sound made when somone say's something to you that you think is a waste of breath....a reaction to a idiotic statement....
Jerry.."hey Buttox I havent drank or smoked or eatin meat since new year's"

by Dave Buttox May 17, 2004
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epf to tha ap to tha brabity!!?
you know... epf!
by jerk-ov May 08, 2004
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