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An epbrodemic is an overwhelming presence of bros in a concentrated area. Originally thought to be an infectious strain of Lacrossis, the epbrodemic virus has spread accross the nation's campuses like the plague. Passed along from male to male through a process known as "icing," the virus causes several symptoms in the infected:
-wearing of wide, flat brimmed baseball caps from teams they don't really give a shit about
-absorbing large amounts of liquid protein after aggresively lifting a barbell, twice.
-Lack of sleeves.
-Getting drunk off of shitty beer.
-Hitting on "bitches."
-General douche-ness.
"All of the hipsters were wiped out in the epbrodemic"

"I cannot refill my solo cup at the keg due to the line caused by the epbrodemic"
by Burnt2toast September 22, 2011
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