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sammy b says it’s not a word but if cardi b says it is then sammy b is wrong
eowwwwwww okurrr
by rick air November 07, 2018
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Totally hyped and refers to anything you are excited for/about.
bob: hey omg let's go get so turnt this weekend!
vanilla: omg eowww!
by gotwinkle June 10, 2018
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A sound similar to the sound a disturbed cat makes. Soy Boys and Beta Cucks have been known to make this noise when they encounter an unfavorable situation, or when given a task or responsibility that displeases them.
Mom: "Henry, you need to get a job; you're 32 years old."
Henry: "Eowww! No Mom! Please! Anything but work! Give me tendies! Reeeeeeeeeeee!"
by Scam Pepper August 06, 2018
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