Environmental racism is a type of discrimination where people of low-income or minority communities are forced to live in close proximity of environmentally hazardous or degraded environments, such as toxic waste, pollution and urban decay.
Cases of environmental racism have been documented around the world, with one of the first high-profile cases occurring in the 1980s in Warren County, North Carolina, when a hazardous waste landfill was constructed in the small, predominately African-American community.
by kathym December 1, 2016
An ass backwards idea that minorities are forced to live by toxic waste and pollutants when in reality they live there because African Americans tend to be low income, and if you're breathing in cancer chances are house prices are an absolute steal.
Alt girl with bright green hair: "Hey do you want to come to Hinsdale with me to protest environmental racism?"
Normal person: "No. What the fuck does that even mean?"
Alt girl with bright green hair: "You're literally a nazi!"
by September 15, 2020