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Commonly generated after consuming an entire large pizza, with a six-pack. Digestion takes an entire evening. The enormodump resembles the barrel of a baseball bat, both in circumference and color(s). Yellow to tan to a deep, rich oak. The enormodump fills the entire drain-head, and extends neatly up the center of the bowl; nearly reaching the toilet rim. In fact, there rarely is enough room left to allow for a clean drop. Oftentimes, enormodump disengages with a slow draw down your crack, and across one buttcheek. Interestingly, and despite it's unusual girth, the enormodump often flushes cleanly, and completely.

This is a VERY delicate situation, however. The addition of toilet tissue will inevitably create a drain-wedge; and prevent a clean flush. Similarly, any post-enormodump, residual poo-shards will complicate matters. Either addition will, most likely, require manual extraction.
** Remember to pay homage to enormodump. Enormodump reminds us of all that is right with the world.
by The Lover Victor Pooge August 10, 2009
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