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The most beautiful, smart, funny, and special aggelos in central asia, specifically in Mongolia. A very rare breed, and the last one has been spotted in the capital city of Ulaanbaatar. Due to its rareness, it must be treated with the utmost of care and love. But do not take Enkhjin as weak, this aggelos is very independent and more than capable of taking care of herself. But still, who does not like love? Unfortunately, a french enthusiast persuaded Enkhjin to leave the steppes of Mongolia and go to France. She will be in the lands of Europe from the 15th of october till.... whenever she wants to! Cause she can do that! To the greatest aggelos!
You are such an Enkhjin, you can almost fly
by Mongolyamaa September 30, 2014
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A common name in Mongolia. So common that every 1 in 5 people are Enkhjins. It is also one of the easiest names to give a person ever.
Mom: What do we name our child if its a girl?
Dad: Enkhjin
Mom: And what if it's a boy?
Dad: Enkhjin
by Grapplingbook February 08, 2015
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