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Adj. used to describe someone who is incapable of understanding or communicating their true feelings or emotions.
1. Emotionally ignorant to the various levels of emotion. Only expresses emotion in black or white - angry or happy. Doesn’t know how to differentiate the emotional shades of gray in between.
2. Often afraid that people will look down on them for expressing their true emotions.
3. Tend to convince themselves that they are feeling a certain way to cover up their true feelings.
Every time my sister is upset about something she says she's angry without analyzing that anger is a reaction that stems from hurt, disappointment, or sadness. She's so out of tune with her feelings that she's emotionally retarded!
by Crysco November 29, 2007
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Showing signs of being a sociopath and generally having no idea of how to interact with humans.
Gf: why don't you pay for everything?

Bf: I have been paying for everything & I would like to borrow $5

Gf: no, I shouldn't have to spend my hard earned money on other people or lend you $5
Bf: are you retarded?

Gf: yes I am emotionally retarded and don't know how to share or give.

Emotionally Retarded
by Really,really? September 28, 2018
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Someone who is unable to u derstand the emotions or others, or know how to respond to another person in an emotional situation.
Wife: “dinner is ready”
Husband “oh about’s a picture of the cat” (emotionally retarded)
by Ben in the den July 02, 2018
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To have a serious or traumatic experience in your love life or just relationship that makes you confused on what you feel is right.
Damn, I've been in love with becca for over 3 years and she just betrayed me. I don't know what to do, I think I'm emotionally retarded.
by OrgasmicLarry September 01, 2016
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