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"emoticon conversant". One who is literate in using emoticons and smilies (the text or graphic kinds) in emails, forums, chats, etc. (Some also use the term when referring to those conversant in the use of chat acronyms such as LOL, WTF, etc.)

It's the antonym of being smilame ("smiley lame") or being an emoticontard.
POSTER 1: I can't tell if people on this board are trying to be being funny or if they're just retarded. Be emoticonversant, people!
POSTER 2: Yeah, people should use smilies more. Just 'cause it's funny in your head doesn't mean anyone else can tell you're trying to be funny. How hard is it to add ;-) to a post?
by shibb0 August 18, 2008
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