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Emothunk is a combination of Emo, Goth, and Punk. It's used to describe the common dislike of the three things mentioned above at the same time.
It can also be used as a classification of a person who encompasses Emo, Goth, and/or Punk. Any person who is classied as being Emo, Goth, and/or Punk is emothunk because they all have two things in common:
1. Bad haircuts and,
2. Lack of musical talent
1: "I wish there was an easier way to say 'I hate emos, goths, and punks'"
2: "I hate emothunks?"
1: "Yes! Well played sir. You're hella pro"

1: "That girl is claiming to be a 'real' emo from the eighties, not one of those 'fake' ones"
2: "Whatever, it's all the same to normal people. They're a debt to society. They're emothunk."
1: "Yeah, totally! What are they thinking? I'm sure they're nice people but they can't try to live out their musical fantasy their whole life."
2: "Especially since they have no musical talent."
1: "They need to get real jobs."
by HellaPro November 26, 2006
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