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1. "Scene" girls from the suburbs who often declare themselves to be unique, frontrunners of individuality, when they are in fact the definition of conformity. Known to complain about life and how much theirs truly sucks. Basically the new age of emo, except with bright colors.

2. A chewy, delicious treat often paired with milk chocolate.
"This is the worst party I've ever been to. Every girl is an emotart."

ABd0m1nentAMie: LOL srsly?!
ABd0m1nentAMie: o_0
armccain_89: uh yeah
ABd0minentAMie: gawd
ABd0minentAMie: n i thawt my lyfe sux
ABd0minentAMie: george. bush. def. sux.
armccain_89: you. are. an. emotart.

Jarred: So what bands do you like?
Kaylin: I love love loovvve so many bands. Boy Becomes Horsehoof, The Death by Airplane Incident, uummm--
Jarred: Whhooa, whoa there. Emotart.

"Emotarts are delicious"
by Al-Mac January 14, 2009
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