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A morbidly obese person (generally a girl of the ages of 14-19) that looks and/or acts emo or goth. These people often think that by acting and dressing emo they will be considered more interesting or will garner more pity, but this is almost never the case.
'I hate that emopotamus, she is both incredibly annoying, and incredibly fat, two of the worst things to combine.'

'I know, if she would shut up every once in awhile, or was easy on the eyes, I wouldn't mind her that much.'
by iratepirate15 February 16, 2009
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1. Hippopotamus. But hip isnt a very fashionable word so it has been replaced with emo.

2. Someone who is half emo, half hippopotamus. Even though I've never heard someone use it in that context before. You can if you are terribly lame.
1. 'Look at that fat hippopotamus!'
'uh, I think you mean EMOpotamus. God, how lame you are.'

2. 'I'm an EMOpottamus! Half emo Half Hippo!! ROFFLOLOLOL!!! LMFAO LOLOL IASFUCBI!!'
'No, you are a fag.'
by sarah XD April 27, 2007
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