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A blurty community that consists of:

(1.) Teenaged girls who write pathetic stories about themselves and how abused, ugly, unwanted, but at the same time, how wonderful and original they are. Their work is praised only by their friends or their followers, although it requires no actual talent. They claim Chuck Palahniuk is their God, although they don't understand his writing. They just think it sounds creative and quick-witted... Just like themselves, of course. They are either really fat, ugly, or a combination of the two. They have a circle of e-friends who think they are clever and witty just because they spend years on an online community. In actuality, they are just hypocrites who are too lame to get friends in real life.

(2.) 14-year-old trendwhores whose only knowledge of emo are crappy bands like Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, and Panic! At The Disco. Oh, and let's not forget From First To Last! Their userpic features them at a weird angle and in high contrast. They usually have their hand over their mouth, imitating a "shocked look", or a peace sign with a "gangster" expression on their face. Despite the fact that you can hardly see their face, somehow you can still manage to see their surplus of eyeliner. They usually type out their lyrics Capitalizing The First Letter Of Every Word Like This, because they are illiterate morons who don't know their way around a keyboard.

(3.) Fat girls who pretend to be boys for attention that they obviously don't get in real life. They usually fake pictures from MySpace whores that have 903249384 friends and get caught within a matter of days. Despite the fact that they continuously get found out, they come back with another account the very next day. Somehow they convince some stupid girl to fall in love with them and they start a whole e-relationship. This girl eventually realizes she was probably e-dating a girl.
(1.) Meg.

(2.) Every other girl on emolyrics.

(3.) Every other girl on emolyrics who claimed to be a boy.
by GuessWhoCunts April 13, 2006
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