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A very high and excessive use of emojis/ Facebook stickers.
Very annoying, and starts emoji wars.

Like having an orgasm but with emojis.
Person 1: dude stop sending so many emojis!

Person 2: oh sorry man, i was having an emojigasm

Person 1: oh that explains
by pierce_the_walrus October 22, 2014
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What happens when a large amount of emojis appear at once, usually indicating something sexual, similar to having a seizure or existential crisis
"she sent me so many eggplants and peaches that i nearly had a emojigasm"
"whats wrong with dave?" "He's having an emojigasm, dont look at his phone."
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by OzzyBozzer June 03, 2018
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An explosion of emojicons directly resulting from a sudden burst of excitement.
She used so many emojis she had an emojigasm.
by KaraRarrr September 17, 2018
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