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An emo girl poser is that girl you see in the halls of your school, wearing a 'fall out boy hoodie', some baggy jeans, and a small studded belt. They act all friendly and popular to everybody (only their friends) and sulk about the preps. Half of their friends once were preps, but now are trying to dress all in black, because they want to fit in with their new 'emo' friend.
Anything wrong with this scene?
1. they think they are emo
2. pants are too baggy
3. studs too small
5. they are not sociably disabled
Well, (if you are a emo)obviously you are outraged. Don't be. That person (i PROMISE)obviously dosen't know 'emo' from 'punk' 'skater' or any other label like that. So, instead of hating, just ignore them. Laugh at the fact they are too fat to wear skinny jeans, laugh at the fact they listen to shitty bands, finally, laugh at how clueless they are. Remember, those posers THINK they are emo...dosen't mean the world does.
emogirlposer1: oh mii gosh, i love fob!
emogirlposer2: no wayyy! so do i! and P!ATD. Hey....nice studded belt. where did ya get it?
emogirlposer1: target
realemogirl: psh, you all are lame
emogirlposer2: well at least i dont cut myself!
*emogirlposer1 nudges emogirlposer2*
emogirlposer2- i mean...we still have lots of family issues!
realemogirl- sucks. I dont know why everybody hates me! You are so mean! *runs into bathroom crying*
by BeMyDemolitionLover March 25, 2007
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