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this word is pronounced like emotional, but the "sh" in emotional is replaced with an "f" sound in emofunnel, which is a combination of emotional and funnel and describes a person who is not only emotional but also likes to draw others into her or his web of emotions in the manner of a vortex or a spider lures prey to the inner linings of its web. Like a liquid into a funnel, you are too far in once you're involved with an emofunnel. it can be an adjective or a noun.
--Did Sheila tell you her sob story about how she spilled milk on her wedding dress?

--Yeah, how ironic is that, that she's crying over spilled milk and telling everybody about it. She loves that crap.

--She is such an emofunnel. (Or, alternatively, one could say, She is so emofunnel.)
by Ohio driver January 05, 2012
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