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"I think I'm emo...I mean, I dress like it, my hair looks like it (which I, like, totally didn't mean it to...) and I like the music." Believe it or not, someone actually said this to me. I don't pretend to know every detail of the "emo" culture, but I'm at least smart enough to know that listening to Dashboard Confessional because the new guy "that's sooo hot cause I saw his picture with his mom on myspace" likes it, chopping off 3/4 of your hair (but leaving the long bangs, of course), going on a steady diet of Prozac, and using an exacto knife to carve the word "die" into your leg (no joke, saw it with my own eyes...) does not define "emo". And after explaining all this to her, I get the response, "No but I really think I am though."
"I'm really into emo guys right now."

"That's new for you. I thought you liked the, uh, 'gangstas'."

"That was last week."
by Aarica July 09, 2005
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Someone posing as a complete idiot that needs to cut or hurt themselves in order to get the attention they so desperatly need. they listen to 'emo' music and eventually end up killing themselves and others either with knives or their awful music.
by tony macaroni October 23, 2005
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