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Extremely masculine young men with a fetish for dark music, clothing, and ideas, while still maintianing all the credibility of a popular kid. They manage to conform to both with out scrutiny from their peers because it is unsure weather or not they will go on an emotional killing spree, or hurl footballs at their faces.

These boys are also highly skilled at climbing mountains while simoultaneously gauging their ears to double 0s, after which they will spend a long emotional night of campfire banter about the chicks they totally "went all the way with".

As a general area of interest they also find shoting small animals out of trees to be pleasurable, right after they take it up the ass.

Emo Jock #1:

Emo Jock #2:
Go ninja go ninja go.

Emo Jock #1:
by Underground Static August 14, 2007
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An emojock is person who is emo, yet also a jock.
David plays football, writes manly emotional poems, and cuts when they lose a football game.

Hayley plays volleyball, cries when she screws up, and dresses emo.

"Hayley and David are Emo Jocks they are so emo, but are great at sports"
by Justsmile October 28, 2006
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