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A emo relationship is between two emo's
this can be a male/female or anything else.
The reletionship can be small or large (kissing/romance or sex/cutting wrists)Although alot of people say emo's cutt their wrists this is occasionaly wrong!All emo's are indavidual & seperate although they follow a guide & some rules,slitting their wrists is not included!
gah!this has to be 40 words long!
internet relationships sometimes worked for me ha!so.. i hope that everyone figures out what a emo relationship is because it can be very confusing & every emo relationship is different!so be relaxed & act yourself to be happy with your relationship! ALSO.. if some crappy website says that emo's have emotional sex & sry all the dont have to do that!
by neverforgetme333 October 29, 2007
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