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A little boy who constantly claims to be Eddy the Bull and continues to accuse others of being emo, despite obviously being emo himself. Is level 1 in Overwatch and will never lose his virginity, aka Fortnite.
Person A: Look at that emo max over there.
Person B: Yeah, I know. He’s trash at Overwatch, too.
by Scaboodloog June 13, 2018
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Known for annoying the hell out of his family he gets it from someone named emo josh the one that you would see hanging on a tree and a corny joke on a sheet right next to it. He is also known for screaming reeeeeeee and having a dog that he rapes all the time. He is a torn main and has a nacked torb body pillow.
by Emo reeeee June 16, 2018
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