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Emi-Noel is a gorgeous women.

The meaning for Emi-Noel is = Emilia Christmas. She is super tall, smart, most likely a Capricorn . Not so much of a sports person but doesn't mind.

She is fair, attractive. Shes soft hearted and easily can get hurt. Acts strong on the outside, but very soft on the inside, or when you get to know her.

She's a great friend, caring of everyone and people can misjudge her cuz of that.

Her feeling are not always showed in the public because she knows how to control them but when too much she just pop's. Losing friends can be very painful for her and she doesn't know exactly when she wants in friends.

She a one guy girl, but a lot of guys are in love with her or attracted.

She's popular but she herself does not believe she's popular. Shes super generous and hardworking but can be lazy when shes not in the mood

She is loving and caring and when she finds the right anything she tryies her best to keep it or them.

Person 1: Are you Talking about eminoel?
Person 2: Yes that's her, you know her?
Person 1:Ofc you don't?... Describes Emi-Noel
by Someone for you😊 January 17, 2018
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