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Sexy as fuck. Emeils are more than likely going to be one of the sweetest guys you'll ever meet. Very often he will be smart, and extremely good-looking. His smile will send a thousand rose-petals off the ground, just spinning around your heart. He will always know exactly what to say to make you smile; flirty or true. He tends to be a big flirt, but when he finds a girl to settle down with, he will stop. Emeils have a lot of friends, and are very good in sports. He will fall in love very fast, and truly. He wont lie to you. He'll do basically anything he can just to make his one-and-only happy, even if that means going to the extreme. Can often be clingy, but in a cute way. He will always be there for you in any time of need. If you don't have a Emeil as a friend (or more) already, it's time you head off and get one!
Wow, Emeil is sexy as fuck.

Love me, Emeil.
by datniggr September 06, 2014
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