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General term used to describe a particular emotion one feels at any time; provided that one cannot find a word for that particular emotion.

Such as confused, amazed, ridiculed, rejected, saddened etc.

With the use of 'embuzzled' one can be as vague as one likes. The magic of the word is that it allows the other person to think about what emotion you are experiencing at that time.

Originates from the British language.
Example 1.

Girl: "How are you finding your life this week, after last week?"

Guy: "I'm so embuzzled it's ridiculous."

Girl: "Be more vague will you?"

Example 2.

Person 1: "Bruv, manz feelin' bare embuzzled todai inni'"

Person 2: "Standard fam, itz dem egzamz inneh. Link up with dem gash later; get on dat bruh don't woz ye."
by imbareonthatgash January 23, 2010
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