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Emberville is a band that cant be pin holed into one genre every song is a new journey combining catchy choruses powerful guitar harmonies and groovy breakdowns keep your eyes on Emberville in 2011.

Emberville all started when Daniel Raschilla and Daniel Minjoot decided to start making music together mid 2009, after months of experimenting different sounds the 2 decided to ask long time friend Stefan Catalano if he would like to play bass, after the Daniels had shown Stefan a song they had previously written entitled 'the fire' Stefan wet his pants a little and had no choice but to become the band masterbasser.

Emberville had been given a chance to play at Hyperfest 2011. a vote took place between all the 12 or so Ampfest bands, the winner to open Hyperfest on the main Stage, Emberville took it out by over 100 votes and were set to play their biggest performance to date! With the sudden boom of success in less then a month many people people questioned the band and they became the band you love to hate but with merch on the horizon and an EP soon to be underway Emberville is a band to look out for in years to come.

Love it or Hate it, your gonna be putting up with this band for a long, long time!
"Hey man, wanna go see Emberville play?"
"Argh, yeh alright. Where are they playing?"
"HQ, Leaderville"
"Man they always play there..."
"Yeh, I reckon aye"
"Oh well, lets pay the $10 entry fee and go..."
by MrMadMan1 October 21, 2011
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