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This is when you sit with your email account open, continually refreshing the page to see if you have received any new mail.

The instant that you hit the 'refresh' button and spontaneously receive a new email is the defining moment in email roulette, accompanied by a surge of adrenaline and sense of wonder/curiousity with regard to the new message.
Hey dude, wanna go hit up some sluts?

Nah fuck it. I'd rather stay at home and play email roulette.

But you have no friends?....

Ah, touche.
by Randyy McNally April 18, 2013
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Opening an e-mail and it's attachments in public view without vetting the contents first.
I lost at e-mailroulette last night when I opened an e-mail at Mary Lou's house that had hot nude pictures of Mary Lou and her sister while Mary Lou's mother was walking past.
by Gambling Man May 15, 2008
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