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- definitely a unique name, although its' origin remains unknown, but many believe it to be a variation from certain 'elven lore', inspired by J.R.R Tolkien's "Lord of The Rings Trilogy".
- the closest definition of this name, according to the elven language, meant kindness, empathy, playfulness, romantic, unpredictable.
- other variations/abbrieviations include: elv, elva, elvy, elle, elvana, elvana etc.
- based on the character in the books, "Elvanna was a beautiful, talented and passionate individual. Even with her fair skin and "ice queen" elven features, you can still undoubtedly see that golden aura surrounding her, a warmth that is commanding yet friendly and inviting. Alas, her weakness was her love for a mortal, and the inevitable choice..."
Much like Princess Arwen's love for her mortal lover.
by arwenstar March 06, 2009
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