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the ship where sisters frick frack because it's true love

let go of all that icest guilt friend

and let the ship sail on
Person: Do you ship elsanna?

Elsanna Shipper: yeap

Person: Ew, you know they're sisters right?

Elsanna Shipper: it's true love!

*person gets promptly knock out by a lute*
by wepa bebe February 03, 2014
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A popular incest ship regarding the sisters of frozen, Elsa and Anna, that sparked popularity on the fanfiction site, wattpad. Most posts regarding the ship involves an incestuous lesbian relationship between the two sisters.
Megan: yo I love this Elsanna fanfic

Lily: I know right! It makes me wanna let it go (i.e come out)
by Steven Joseph Brown April 05, 2017
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