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A cool cunning female who has a fun loving attitude but has a fooking Positive attitude to crashing cars and retaliating to abusive text messages from boyfriends who found her messing with guys with smaller penisus and who thinks hes the MAN for having an cunning smart bird and a brain proberly a size of a bowl ball from what really OLD people play haha you've gotta laugh, and also most els bells have brown hair a similar color to pupic hair but with more of a shine!! They also have a high sense of smell and can smell a worm (a guy!) from a freeking mile away and if she catches him or they She will serisouly rip there fooking heads off and i dont mean there heads which they speak out off i MEAN the fooking heads which they pee out off! Yeah they better be FUCKING scared of this BiTcH hahahaha........She also cares about her family aswell and wont rip off mens or boys penis's in front of her brother because if she does her bro will end up in a freaking mental institute becoz sheee is one CrAzY.....yeah u get me!!! I better not go on much longer coz shes....behind me!!! O crap!!!
Jordan: "Who's that women strutting her stuff down the high street dude!?"

Alex: "Omg its els bells run for your lifes omg please RUN or else aawwwwwww (He screams in a high pitched womens voice) "Shes gona chop our cocks off awwwww RuN" (Again in a high pitched ladys voice)
by Jordan&Alex September 05, 2007
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