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The Latin interpretation of name Olivia and Oliver normally means olive tree, but it can also mean elf army. (Shakespeare used it in ''Twelfth Night'')
''That girl's name means elf army.''
by 16485827 April 24, 2018
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In Ireland, it's the Irish citizens who work overseas and travel #hometovote in hopes that once they are economically stable they can come back to an Ireland that is the culture they want it to be. For votes on gay marriage and abortion rights they arrive at the last moment, often paying hiked up Ryan Air and Aer Lingus airfares, to fight against the Dark.
The Elf Army: Colm O'Regan twitter 11:04 PM May 21 2015:

The #hometovote is like when you're watching The Hobbit and an army of elves you'd forgotten from earlier in the film arrive over a hill.
by eidelon8 June 09, 2018
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