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A group of guys (usally frat pledges) strip naked and stand in a circle. They each put one thumb in their mouth, and the other thumb up the guy's ass in front of them. They then all start walking forward in a circle at the same time. If someone's thumb falls out of the ass in front of them, they must switch thumbs, and put the now shitty thumb in their mouth.
Fear of this, causes each man to be shoving his thumb up the man's ass in front of him with great force, causing great discomfort!
I really wanted to get into the frat at school, so I pledged. They made us do an ELEPHANT CHAIN as hazing for initiation.
I kind of liked it, so they said I'd fit right in the Greek life! I can't wait to play Gookie Cookie, participate in circle-jerks, and get spanked!
I love my frat!
by Matt V March 22, 2006
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