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An elemo consists of two parts. The first part (outer shell) is the "elmo part". The "elmo part" makes him apear normal, almost fun, and cuddly. The second part (also known as the inner core) of an elemo is filled with raging emotions
Dude wtf... That guy seemed normal enough, but then he started cutting himself. Guess hes an elemo.
by Alexander Chang May 24, 2007
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A spanish/latino emo kid, almost as rare as the fabled black emo kid, which has yet to be given a better name. El Emo is not to be confused with the red Sesame Street character Elmo.
Person 1: "What do u call a latino emo?"
Person 2: "A fag?"
Person 3: "No. Well, maybe, but i was going to say El Emo"
by AJOHNL February 10, 2009
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