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Every year, school districts across the United States must learn the chemical symbol of 71 elements on the periodic table in an elaborate "challenge science" course offered to those who took the "challenge by choice."
The competition is a quick paced game that allows only the quickest writers and top studiers to win a Texas road house gift card. The game is played by your teacher typing 5 elements or their symbols on the smart board, and you must write the opposite (element or symbol) as fast as possible. Two people play against each other at a time, and it is in the form of a tournament. It is an extremely competitive competition and many teachers offer after school practice.
Bob: I am so ready for the element madness championship tomorrow! Who do you think will win?
Sally: Well Joe broke his right hand, so I'm gonna go with Kaitlyn.
by Period 5 pyschos November 14, 2016
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