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Short form of electronic whore.

1. Someone whose life completely revolves and depends upon technology. This person can usually be found buying every new piece of technology as soon as it hits the market.

2. A person who acts like a whore behind the guise of technology (on social networking websites, msn, texting, phone, webcam). Ironically, in many cases, these electro whores are quite chaste in person and use technology to portray a sluttish persona.
1. Mike: Holy hell, John just went out and bought the new iPhone model.
Steve: Shit son, didn't he just buy one last year!?
Mike: God damn that guy is such an electro hoe.

2. I met this little elctro hoe off myspace. She stripped for me on webcam bet when I got her over to my house I could barely get to second base .
by pimpgangstapoet May 13, 2008
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