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Eleanor Abbey is the most amazing friend you can have. She loves to share and is super nice. She's a smart child and will make your day if your feeling down. She absolutely loves food and shares it even when she doesn't want to. Eleanor is a total candy addict. She is absolutely stunning and beautiful. She is hilarious and loves telling corny jokes. She is sweet and nice and caring and short for her average height. Everybody loves her and she is rising to fame. She is also amazingly talented. Usually Eleanor's can play the drums, the piano is her best feature, she's a gymnast, she's on the honor roll, and will become a famous Youtuber one day. If you see or know a Eleanor Abbey you would love to be friends with her.
(Eleanor walks down the hall)
Person 1: Woah! Did you see her?!
Person 2: Yes, she's like the most talented girl in school and she's friends with like everybody
Person 1 & 2: She must be an Eleanor Abbey
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by Woah She's Woah June 07, 2017
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