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1. A girl that is sometimes shy, nervous, sweet, and dont like to say no, On the outside. But on the inside is something else. Shes mean but never a bully. May have alot of bestfriends but keep at least two that she trust by her side. Is spoiled very badly. If you make her mad she will try to kill. Is a freak on the lowkey. Will not do anything to you if she doesn't know you so dont temp. She may be bisexual . but is smart in both ways
2. Is the rarest peron on earth you will find or know
3. She knows how to fight but is better on the streets then in or around schools cuz thats when they be the most jo and she doesn't want nobady asking her to fight for them
Girl who is that shy girl over there?

friend:who elaysha? She is no where near shy trust and belive. Just stay out her way
Friend: she is the devil walking around
by Nameya3547 May 08, 2018
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