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1) hand shaped as a puppy, with middle finger sticking out as a head and the other four fingers pointing downwards as legs. He usually jumps off school desks for the sick amusment of twisted highschool students.

2) a secret meaning that only jessie h and sam vg will ever know.

3) a way to express exitement, confusion, weirdness and/or stupidness

4)a character used to create random stories out of bordness, usually in math class

one day an eiths was walkin on emm street. he ate emm ice cream and froze em brain and flipped over on em tummmyyy. babies arose from the dirt when he died and 3465476 baby eeithss were born. EITHS.
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Is a philosophical term used to identify the core of belief of anti-genevievers. In its most basic sense it is believed to mean that genevieve is a pirate hooker. The origins of the term are uncertain, but many think it originated from a typo when the founder of this philosophic movement meant to type with, but hit the neighboring "e" key as opposed to the "w " key. Either way, the movement is strong and the consensus is that genevieve is a pirate hooker.
guy one: I saw Genevieve on campus today "servicing" a pirate for rum and other booty.
guy two: I saw her too, and sensed a stron eith emitting from her.
leann: yeah
by 2hot55dog8 April 02, 2007
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