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A wonderful name for a girl. Have very good personalities(cheerful, love to laugh, spiritful and etc.) and have a good looking(beautiful, flawless, adorable, cute and etc.) faces. She is is usually full of secrets, she will keep what she feels or what is her problems alone and try to endure it, because she's a big-hearted person and don't like to argue with people especially with her love ones. Eisya is just a perfect girl-to-date as a man.
Hey, i want to be like Eisya, she's just like a goddess with her pure heart.
by Bae98 December 29, 2017
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A person with cute face..she was very tiny and easly have sad mood.If she in sad she will find another thing to make her happy back ..she was very caring and loving in her relationship..many of eisya name she like to wear glasses,i don't know why but if she open their glasses we all will be fall in love with Eisya..
by qiefbb April 23, 2018
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