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A median used to cover your ass when something you have is all fucked up.

Term used for fixing problems that you really don't have to fix.

Used when something goes wrong and you have to have an excuse for it being messed up.

Commonly used in the aviation community to fix administrative issues that arise because of lame ass rules.....
Brian: "Rob the evac plan doesn't exist; what should I do?"
Rob: "Give that mutha and eightOduecer!"
Brian: "Muthafukjonson!!; Why didn't I think of that?"

Jesse: "Phil gave me a siberian sledgehammer.... Suffrin Suckatash.... I am giving him an eightOduecer!"

Steet Lingo:"Hey Ho I will break an 8-0-Duecer off in your ass if you don't let me give you a modified Angry Pirate!!"
by filthy carlito August 24, 2011
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