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The state of one (living being) entering him/her/themselves into a self-sustaining stable trance where self inhibition is no longer an option. An eigenmotion is a (hypnotic) state in which a living being can be; it can only be entered and left through external stimuli.

Eigenmotions are a sub class of stereotypical behaviour with the nuance being that eigenmotions cannot be self inhibited.

Eigenmotions are easily identified by things that keep doing the same this over and over again with no obvious purpose or goal. Each eigenmotion is terminated by external triggers.

Examples include of types of eigenmotions;

- dog eigenmotion: dogs that keep following their own tail in circles (trigger: throw a ball)
- lap eigenmotion: people running laps on track and field (trigger: sumo wrestle them down)
- carrot stick eigenmotion: people on treadmills (trigger: press the emergency stop button)
- gym hype eigenmotion: people on spinning bikes (trigger: jam the wheel)
- asocial social eigenmotion: people scrolling endlessly on facebook's app (trigger: KO that phone, try off the WiFi)

Eigenmotion can be used as a noun or verb.
At the local gym (verb)

Joe: Look at all those people on their spinning bikes
Maria: Yeah they are eigenmotioning verb
Joe: Lets relieve them by jamming those bikes
Maria: Amazing idea!

At a family dinner (noun and verb)
Bob: Kids what are your plans for next year? Are you eigenmotioning again?
- Kids are performing the asocial social eigenmotion noun (Scrolling endlessly through facebook) without responding to Bob
Bob's wife: Honey, lets get them out of eigenmotions noun by shutting the WiFi down
- Bob shuts off the WiFi
- All the kids simultaneously give death stares to Bob
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by alternativescience_yourski February 28, 2017
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