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Super sweet, kind guy,that is very handsome, trust worthy, caring. Usually has black hair. Know for a great smile.
by huh66 March 07, 2015
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One of the hottest men alive who is super sweet, and kind, while being very handsome and charming at the same time, he is trust worthy, cares a lot about people . He is either a trend setter or likes to be one of a kind. He is known for his great smile, unique look and views on love. He is intelligent and financially superior to many of his peers, but tends not to mention this (even though everyone knows it's true). Ehmads are unique and can make any one fall for them, they are absolutely stunning and they know it. However they find finding the right girls difficult they feel when they meet a girl she must be his everything or else whats the point.
Person 1: "There isn't any one perfect on this planet"
Person 2: "Yes there is they're called Ehmads"
by Oxford Dictionary (unseen) March 03, 2017
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