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A delusional remedial fuck who thinks that everyone in the world is jealous of her. When encountering egyptianbeauty, remember that she is in love with a dong loving, reigning defending gloryhole champion named Prince Leo. Another redeeming quality is being is a trouble maker who thinks every female that has a boyfriend or husband is infected with STDs and is being used for their money by their spouse. Her skill set includes begging for nickels and sitting on a shit stained chair while calling it had work. Ultimately, she likes to pick fights with the wrong people, getting her banned from adult conventions by a company who only allows her to stay because she would possibly take her life if they were to fire her.
:zippy I have natural egyptianbeauty... Even though I tweeze my beard and have one and a half eyebrows.
by Echo5mike June 09, 2017
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the fugly egyptian webcam girl that all the /b/tards fuck with and is on the verge of becoming a meme
LULZ!!!1 we got egyptianbeauty to put a shoe on her head
by dukefire April 24, 2009
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